Write a Story with Me Part 29 – An unexpected Savior by Kai Damian

Surprise!  I’m changing the day for “Write a Story with Me” from Tuesdays to Mondays.  Why?  Well, ’cause I can!  Here we go!

Three weeks ago we left Janelle the Fae Queen while getting help to our poor Mommy in labor. Then we left them to be thrown back into the heat of battle where Marci is still tied to a bed with a huge cliffhanger!  Than Bethany fell out of the sky.  But is Daddy dead?  I can’t stand it anymore!!!!!!!

29 – Kai Damian – Battle String

“Marci,” Yoran screamed as he opened his eyes, but his cry was lost in the chaos that trapped him like a coffin of wind and fire. The ship was crumbling around him and his men were sliding down into the water, lifeless. Covered in blood and hanging by a thread—literally, as his jacket had hooked itself onto an open cabinet door—he watched his two young daughters jump off the ship and disappear into the tempest below them. As he reached for them, screaming their names, he heard a snap and started rapidly sliding down toward nothingness once again.

“Please keep Natalia safe,” he prayed, and closed his eyes, ready for the end. “Good bye my loves.”

“Not today” he heard a woman’s voice behind him, and felt her grab his hand and pull him after her. As he opened his eyes, he and his mysterious savior were free falling into the eye of the storm that had appeared out of thin air before the ship went down. All he could see in the midst of the gray cloud that engulfed them was long, red hair flowing behind a young woman dressed in a blue starship uniform. Their hands were welded together, and the moment he allowed himself to feel her grip, he knew. The pain of losing his eldest for the second time hit him like a boulder coming off a steep mountain and he lost consciousness once again.

“Daddy, daddy, wake up,” Marci cried. Yoran opened his eyes to find his two youngest daughters shaking his arm as they knelt beside him on the frigid marble floor of an opulent room open to the sky above. Behind them, with a stern look on her face and her arms tightly crossed, stood his stolen child, his beloved Sian.

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7 responses to “Write a Story with Me Part 29 – An unexpected Savior by Kai Damian

  1. I knew we hadn’t run out of space for Yoran yet. I’ll bet this reunion is emotionally charged, unless Sian has seen him before and vented some already.

  2. Thanks all! Glad you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to see what happens next… 🙂

  3. Julie Catherine

    Kai, awesome segment – and I’m so glad they all made it, too. My heart was in my throat reading this! I’m loving the progression of this story! 🙂

  4. Whew! Glad the family is safe. Thanks, Kai! 🙂

  5. Oh, wow, this is such fun. 🙂 And I’m glad dad is still alive!