Write a Story with Me # 33 – What? OH NO! She didn’t! by Danielle Ackley McPhail

Last week Janelle took off — literally, leaving the old lady with Mommy bleeding to death and in a ton of trouble.  What’s gonna happen?  Here’s Danielle Ackley McPhail’s first contribution to our story!

33- Danielle Ackley McPhail – Wait, she’s who?  What?  OH NO!  She didn’t!

Morana watched her unsuspecting daughter go, her lips tightly set and her eyes sad. She remembered more than a time before the faeries were looked on as vermin…she remembered when they had been kin with humans. When all kind were linked and not separate.

How dark and grim the world had become since that time.

With a sigh she turned back to her patient. Poor Natalia, forsaken by all and sundry; all but Morana, and now that the last witness was gone it was time to see to mother and babe.

Queen Morath of the fae shed the weight of her borrowed years, shed her human form, the aches and pains and the blurring of her eyes. All fell away like flakes of skin to dust leaving the most beautiful and powerful of fae standing over the human woman, who sprawled upon the floor in her own blood, the babe’s cord still trailing from her body, wet and glistening.

“tsk…let’s clean you up, my lovely, shall we?” Nearer to human height than the diminutive size the fae had become in the after-time, Morath bent gracefully down, folded the delicate membranes of her wings back and safely away from the mess on the floor before reaching out one ivory-pale hand to trail through Natalia’s hair and down the curve of her back. Magic sparkled in the air at the touch as like recognized like deep within the two races now drastically different. Queen of life and death as well as fae, Morath ordered the woman’s lifeblood back within the confines of her veins and wicked away both sweat and blood normal to the birthing of children, and with it the memory of that night’s ordeal…all of it. Natalia remain unconscious—blessedly so—as the faerie queen scooped up the woman’s son to cradle in immortal arms.

The child cooed and burbled, making the faerie queen laugh before she grew somber once more. “Come, Verval. For your own safety and theirs, you need be the price for my healing.”
And Morath rose in a cloud of glittering motes, secreting the foretold boy away before any harm might come to him or his parents for bearing him.

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8 responses to “Write a Story with Me # 33 – What? OH NO! She didn’t! by Danielle Ackley McPhail

  1. Danielle you must have some theater in your veins, because you entered with such a dramatic flair. I like the references to the before time. I wanted to know more about that and hoped someone would touch on it before it came my turn.

    • Thanks, Richard. It was a real challenge to choose what direction to go in with so may possible threads. When I read through everything for some reason the missing queen just grabbed my attention and that’s where I had to go.

  2. Thanks, everyone. And thanks, Jenn, for letting me come out and play! This was a blast! Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Oh wow, this is AWESOME! I’m loving the direction this story is taking, and the new plot twists and turns … so exciting! Well done indeed, Danielle! 🙂

  4. What a cool twist. 🙂 But someone will have to explain the missing baby!

  5. Oh my. So, a new path opens up. Very exciting.