Write a Story with Me # 38 – Being Prepared by Ravena Guron

Ravena brings us into the Fae Dungeons.  Will they ever get out?

38 – Ravena Guron

Yoran found his eyes drifting to Sian for the tenth time in the space of a minute. She paced backwards and forwards across the marble floor, her arms tucked behind her back, avoiding his gaze. She seemed to be waiting for something, but since she’d spat on the floor a few hours before they hadn’t exchanged more than two words. Marci had been led out earlier by a guard. And although Sian’s mouth remained in a grim line, she didn’t seem worried for her sister, which put Yoran more at his ease.

The fairy man had mentioned something about meeting their queen. Yoran licked his cracked lips and examined the dirt under his nails.. Why had the fairies saved him? Why were they treating him so well now? Why did they want him to meet their queen?

What did they want from him?

He had a horrible feeling, in the pit of his stomach, that he knew exactly what they wanted, why they needed him to be well fed and rested. And if he told them what they needed to hear, he would be betraying the Establishment. He would be worse than a traitor to his own kind.

“When do you think they’ll come for me?” Yoran asked Sian, his voice too loud, ringing out in the silence. Sian didn’t reply, but he hadn’t expected her to.

He could tell the fairies the truth. The real reason why fairies were persecuted by the Establishment.

He thought back to that moment, all those years ago, when he’d overheard the conversation which had set him permanently against the race of fairies forever. His heart began hammering at the memory, the old hatred coursing through him.

Vermin. Filth.

They’d given him a small knife, to cut his bread with. When Sian turned away, he slipped it into his boot. So when he met the queen, he would be prepared.

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2 responses to “Write a Story with Me # 38 – Being Prepared by Ravena Guron

  1. Yoran, Yoran, Yoran! Don’t you know killing the queen is sure to anger the fae quicker than anything!

  2. How resourceful of Yoran but what can he do with that little knife? Will he tell?
    I’m not a fan of fantasy, but I’m enjoying THIS story.