Holy Smoke! 1,000 Followers? How about a givaway?

Today my Web Site hit 1,000 direct followers. That’s 1,000 people who have logged in here through WordPress and hit the “follow” button.

My handy-dandy little stats calculator now tells me almost 7,500 people follow this blog through different outlets.  That is incredibly cool, and a little humbling.


I know that’s nothing compared to some other sites, but for this little author, I think it’s huge.

Thanks so much everyone for reading and participating. It means a lot when I see your cheery avatars, and you make it interactive.

And A big old Alligator “Hi and thanks” to everyone who reads my rantings faithfully through email and streaming, but choose not to comment.  I appreciate you as well!

I’m glad everyone gets something out of all this, even if it is only a little chuckle now and then.

Anyway… to celebrate, how about an impromptu giveaway?

Paper Wishes Final

I have an ecopy of my book Paper Wishes up for grabs to a commenter below.

Stop on in and say Hi!



21 responses to “Holy Smoke! 1,000 Followers? How about a givaway?

  1. congratulations, Jennifer.

  2. Congratulations honey! Much deserved 🙂


  3. Wow, congratulations on the numbers! And thank you for providing the great content that you do for all of us who follow! 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of followers! A testament to your wonderfully unique blog and your fascinating content. 🙂

  5. Congratulations!! You must be just so thrilled.

  6. The Big 1000!!! … *doin’ da Snoopy Happy dance for you!*

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  8. A huge milestone and a testament to your quality writing. To think I am getting excited about the 300 milestone.

  9. Wonderful and congratulations. You make me smile. Thanks.

  10. Congrats. That is huge. i love that you’ve managed to keep a small blog feel as the following has grown. I need to read paper wishes I grabbed it when it came out… Well once all those glitches were fixed. LOL

  11. Whoot! (You deserve it.)

  12. Joan Y. Edwards

    Congratulations! I am very happy for you and proud of you.

  13. Congratulations 😀

  14. Ooh, I’m stopping in to say ‘hi’ and for a chance to win your book. Not that I wouldn’t stop in to say ‘hi’ whether there was a giveaway or not!

  15. That’s great, Jennifer. Wow, a big deal for sure. Your consistent blogging is an inspiration.

  16. 1000 followers is HUGE! So therefore, HUGE congratulations. You rock, lady!