It’s time to set goals for 2015 (If you haven’t already)

Ah, yes, it’s that magical time of year. Resolutions are everywhere… but rather than resolutions, I like to set goals. That way I can look back on the previous year and say, “Yeah, that was a good year.”

FireInTheWoods.v6-Book1-FinalWell, last year ended up getting blown out of the water (in a good way) by getting the multi-book deal.  That sort of set all my previous writing goals way way way onto the back burner. And for this year, those old 2014 goals are getting pushed back even further.  Maybe even to the point of hanging them on the wall to get them completely out of the way (but still in sight, in case I want to grab one. You know what I mean?)

As usual, I need to look at what I “have to do.”  This year, per my contract, I “have to:”

  1. Edit and sign off on the final version of ASHES IN THE SKY
  2. Market ASHES IN THE SKY for tentative September 2015 release.
  3. Finish “Book Three” and submit it to my publisher by March 1
  4. Complete the outline of optioned “Book Four” and submit to my publisher for approval by June 1.
  5. Edit and sign off on final “Book three”
  6. Market “Book Three” for Tentative late 2015 release

That’s a lot to do, but I have some other goals in mind.

Book three is half way done. I need to submit it in March, so that gives me nine whole months to play with something new while I’m not editing. Woohoo!

So here are my remaining goals for 2015:

7. Write a new book in a new world (Complete, polish, and send out to query)

8A. Write first draft of a second new book in a new world, OR

8B. Write the outlined “Book Four” of FIRE IN THE WOODS if my publisher takes up the option.

So, if you’ve been following along my insanity train for the past few years, it’s going to be another fun ride.

What is in store for you this year?




12 responses to “It’s time to set goals for 2015 (If you haven’t already)

  1. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, our little overachiever 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s an impressive list of goals! But I know you’re up to the challenge. 🙂

  3. Selling my YA fantasy (currently with betas) to a publisher – via agent for the first six months and to indie publishers the last six months. Get my Biblical fictionalization polished and self-pubbed in May. Submit more short stories to anthologies. Come up with an amazing idea for my next novel – once i determine if YA or Women’s fiction is the path I need to take. Write and polish the new novel. Write another novel during NaNo – premise TBD. Not much, but i write full-time. Not sure how you accomplish all your stuff while keeping a day job and taking care of a family. Don’t sleep much?

    • To be honest Sharon, i don’t get enough sleep and i do tank out once in a while, but i have my eye on the big picture. I can’t make my dreams come true by just waiting for them to happen ( i also stopped warching TV which helped some)

  4. Wow – that’s a busy schedule! Yet, it sounds like so much fun. 🙂

  5. My top goal is to keep my short work out on submission rather than letting it languish after 1 or 2 rejections. Then promote and such for my 2 forthcoming books. While also working on a sequel to Seven Exalted Orders. Which will I achieve? We shall see!

  6. Wow! I’m tired now after reading all your goals. You go, girl! The good thing with goals (for me, at least), is even if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do, I do a whole lot more than I would have had I not set my sights high. And when you do accomplish all (or most) of them, it’s a pretty lofty feeling (like climbing to the top of a mountain)