15 Second Trailer for FIRE IN THE WOODS from Jess’s POV @month9books @Georgia_mcbride

For this mini-trailer, I went back to the closing statements of the original full-length book trailer. My hope was that this solidifies the story in the minds of people who heard of the book, but also peaks the interest of someone seeing it for the first time.

Again, I am seeing more and more feedback with each mini-video I post on Instagram. I’m not sure if that is because I am getting better at it, or if followers are just starting to get more comfortable with me.

I am having a ton of fun meeting people over there though, and I’m learning about tons of new books.

Anyway, here’s the latest.

Please let me know what you think!



5 responses to “15 Second Trailer for FIRE IN THE WOODS from Jess’s POV @month9books @Georgia_mcbride

  1. A small quibble: you need to “pique” people’s interest. If you “peak” their interest, that will be the most interested they get and they may wander off.

    • As long as they don’t wander far. 😂 remember, theses 15 second trailers are aimed at readers who have already heard about the book. They have seen the cover dozens of times. Most people need to see a book at least 5 times before they even consider it. These are meant to keep the concept and cover out there, and to keep up the excitement for those who have already read and are looking forward to book 2. There are probably less costly ways to do this, and whether or not it works depends on the audience and venue. This would not work, for instance, in Twitter, but it could also work on Facebook 😃😃

  2. Captures the imagination, grabs your attention and you want to know what and more. I think this works.