It’s the cover reveal for ASHES IN THE SKY!

PKO_0007393 Yipee Wahoo Jump Pink RobeWahoo! It’s time to celebrate! Book two of FIRE IN THE WOODS is charging towards the finish line. It’s so exciting when your baby starts taking form and coming to life.

And the first thing that makes it start feeling “real” is when the cover pops up in your email.


Oh! The tingly feels!


Without further ado, please welcome the second gorgeous FIRE IN THE WOODS cover.

Isn’t it stupendous!



From the beginning I asked for a cover that could be “branded” and here we are! There is no denying this is a FIRE IN THE WOODS cover, and I couldn’t be happier.

And (shhhh… don’t tell anyone) but I even wrote a scene to bring the cover to life. It was perfect!

I have to be honest in saying I NEVER expected there to be a second book in the series, but I am so excited there is because I realized that if I really push myself, I can come up with an exciting plotline even when I thought the original story was over. (If that makes any sense)

ASHES IN THE SKY releases wherever books are sold September 1, 2015.

PKO_cheer20007376Can I hear an “Oh Yeah!” ?????




13 responses to “It’s the cover reveal for ASHES IN THE SKY!

  1. Yes! Excellent cover and branding! I’m looking forward to that September release! 🙂

  2. Victoria Marie Lees

    So very happy for you, Jennifer. It couldn’t have happened to a better writer. All the luck with the second book. ~Victoria Marie Lees

  3. Awesome cover! It’s beautiful and I love that it’s branded. Congratulations. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous, just like the first one! 🙂 … interesting positioning of the top part of the ‘K’ in ‘SKY’ 😀

  5. I love the new colors – and that it looks branded. When do I get a copy? Yeah, not soon enough.

  6. Exciting. Awesome it’s similar to Fire in the Woods. Perfect. ❤