Wow. Just wow 

Something happened last night that blew my mind. I sat in my car, staring at the email, crying. 
Don’t worry. They were happy tears. 
There are many steps in a writer’s journey. And while I always “hoped” certain things would happen, deep down, I never really expected them to.

I’m not sure what I can share yet, but I wanted to let you guys know : anything can happen.  (especially when you are backed by a publisher that works hard to support their authors and grow their brand)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer M.Eaton 


11 responses to “Wow. Just wow 

  1. Awesome! We’re all hoping you can share the news soon!

  2. You just love keeping us all in suspense, don’t you? 😀 Congrats on the mysterious positiveness!

  3. Sounds like good news!

  4. a – Congratulations on whatever it was! 🙂
    b- Impressive tease!

  5. Here’s to ‘happiness’ surprises. Have a wonderful weekend. ❤ ❤

  6. Jennifer…this is your moment. You deserve every good thing coming your way. You worked hard. Love Laura

  7. It’s fantastic news. Congrats!!

  8. Ooh. Cryptic!

    Congrats for whatever it is! WOOO!

  9. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear what it is!