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Jennifer M. Eaton’s Appearance on the Writers2Writers TV Show @month9books

Woohoo! It’s finally here!

It seems like forever that I taped this segment for Writers2Writers. What a great experience this was. Looking back to create this link to the segment, I saw that 6,400 people have watched my solo segment, and 1,400 people have tuned in to the entire 30 minute show that my segment was featured in.

That’s a really awesome feeling!

Here is a link to the Writers2Writers YouTube page where you can find more great features to help hone your writing skills.

And right here is my stand-alone segment, featuring my Top Ten Tips for polishing your manuscript before you submit.




Free Paperback Rafflecopter! Free Fridays and The Little Blue Lady Talks “Eye of the Soul” by @TerriRochenski


Jennifer13You have been strangely quiet these days.

Where have you been?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Reading.




What have you been reading?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Eye of the Soul

by Terri Rochenski.


Jennifer13Wow. What a coincidence.

Terri is our guest today.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387I know.

I figured you’d take me more seriously if I actually read a book.

Jennifer13Well, it helps. 

Did you like it?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387It was weird. 

I didn’t know there were people with pointed ears on this planet.



PKO_Alien 3 0003387Maybe we should get Terri Rochenski to explain.


Jennifer13Sounds good. 

Let her in.


Alien SmileWell, Hello, Ms. Rochenski. 

Please come in.


Hi, guys!



Alien SmileSo, Terri, can you tell us in twenty words or less who you are and where your going with this writing stuff?


I am Mother and Wife Goddess of the universe

and I wish to make a million bucks with my writing hobby.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387That was 21 words.

I think she has a problem counting.  And Authors are supposed to be smart.  Geesh.

Jennifer13Stop!  Be nice!


Alien Huh CloseI am being nice.

I didn’t disintegrate her, did I?


Jennifer13[Slaps head]

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay ms. Rochenski. I’ve red you book, and I must say I find it deeply disturbing. Why would you write a book where they round up and entire race and enslave them? 

Because it was inspired by events in my own life.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387You’ve been stolen out of your house, chained and put on a boat,

and sent to prison for what you look like?

I was sort of speaking metaphorically.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Interesting. 

So tell me, why do you think people should read this tragic tale? 

Because I’m the Goddess of the universe

and have a lot to share.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, you may be the goddess of green-eyed pointy eared people, but you’re not MY  goddess, Thumbelina. So, what’s with the chic on the cover?  

That would be Hyla, the heroine of the Pool of Souls Series.

Alien SmileDoes she have beautiful blue hair?



Blue? Beautiful?


PKO_Alien 3 0003387You watch it, toots. 

Well, she must be hiding it because it’s NOT a beautiful blue.

She’s NOT hiding the color of her hair. It’s the pointy Native ears she’s uncomfortable revealing.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay, so what’s with those green eyes? 

I don’t like green. 

I like blue. 

My hubs has blue. Love blue. Hyla’s along with all other Natives are green, a color no human on Derlund has.

Alien SmileDid you hear that? She’s married to a Martian.  You have thusly redeemed yourself! So, tell me, does anything explode in this book? 

Does a body count?

(It isn’t too gruesome. Promise.)

Alien SmileOh!  But gruesome is just lovely!  I must say, this book intrigued me.  I want to dip my foot in the pool and see what happens. Where is it, exactly?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to use my awesome goddess power to quiet you, and no one wants that.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Errghh.  We’ll chat about that later. 

For everyone else, why don’t you give a little low-down on what happens?

The body exploding? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

If you meant the book,

well then I’d have to say it’s about a young Native woman whose people are imprisoned for no apparent reason

and her journey to find out why and what she can do about it.

Alien SmileOh Yes!  Terri Rochenski gets the award for short and sweet!  You don’t know how many authors come in here and read every word off the back of their book!  Dreadfully boring.  Your sexy Martian husband must be rubbing off on you. So, fess up.  With a Martian in the house, you must be no stranger to things exploding.

I’ll keep this at a simple yes and plead the fifth on the why & how. Let’s just say it involved a shotgun and the side of our barn.

Alien SmileHave you ever painted your hair blue to match your wonderful husbands?


Pfffft. As IF.

Alien SmileHas he taken you up in his space ship?



Countless times.

Unfortunately those journeys took place within my dreams.

Alien SmileOh.  Crash landing, huh?  No more space ship?  He and I will have to hook up and chat. I’m stuck here, too. 

So, Ms. Rochenski (Odd last name for an alien by the way) I believe you have a rafflecopter-thingy for our readers, right?  What’s that all about?

I’m so excited to give away 2 signed paperback copies and some swag, including a notebook, pen and signed bookmark. Everyone has a chance to win on my Rafflecopter giveaway CLICK HERE TO WIN!

Alien SmileAnd where may we purchase your lovely (despite green) book?

Please, please, tell us where!


Purchase “Eye of the Soul” From your favorite retailer
Jennifer13If you’d like to learn more about Terri Rochenski, check out her blog at www.terrirochenski.comThanks for Stopping by Terri!

Okay, I know it’s gross, but it’s just what we do at Christmas! And we’ve got givaways today!

Guess What?  Tonight at 6:30 PM Eastern Time I’ll be signing copies of “Tall Tales and Short Stories From South Jersey” at Audubon Library, 239 Oakland Avenue, Audubon, NJ. Stop on by if you are in the area!


Wow!  Today I’m just full of surprises! I’m actually posting here today, with some great memories of my own family Christmases growing up…. as well as other wonderful places you can visit! — And a book signing!

Yes, I’ve taken up my marketing manager’s offer to clone me! (Mgr for Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey)   The process was a little scary, but yes! For the next twenty-four hours there are two of me!

(Yes, some of you can run.  I’d be scared, too.)


First of all,  Kaiden’s Seduction is reviewing “Make Believe” today.  I hope they liked it!  (Let me know in the comments below.  I’m still afraid to read reviews without someone filtering them for me)


Also… you can find me at two great places on-line today!  If you want to learn about training your dog to do amazing feats of bravery, check out my guest post about me and my pepped up poodle, Chloe on Brinda Berry’s blog.


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Whew!  That’s a lot of promo-stuff… And I gotta post too!  Oh!  The pressure!


Sooooo… Christmas. I have so many Christmas Memories, and I treasure all of them fondly. One of my favorites is making a gingerbread house.

This was a Dad activity.  I’m not sure why Mom didn’t get involved, but my dad was TOTALLY into it.

One year, we decided to make REAL gingerbread.  It didn’t work out too well.  We baked it in the oven and everything… but the walls cracked.  Our house was not buildable… so Dad glued it together with epoxy.  (So funny)

This tradition actually carried on. (I’m not sure which came first) But Dad would always “build” the house for us out of graham crackers.  Yep… just pop them out of a box.  And yes, he glued it together with epoxy (which is like crazy glue).  We all KNEW not to eat the house part.

Then, of course, came the frosting glue, and more candy than any house could possibly hold.  Our tradition was to try and make the house more hideous than it was the year before… but it still had to look like a house.

Yeah… that’s where I got my strange sense of humor from.  People would look at our “masterpiece” and pretend it was beautiful.  It wasn’t.  That’s the point.

Today, when I build our gingerbread house with my kids, I don’t mind when the snowman falls over, or when Kid #2 leaves a trail of candy “poop” behind the reindeer.  It’s all good fun.

Oh, yeah, and that big gob of brown icing?  It’s a dirt pile.  Me and my boys will swear to it.  (With incredibly large smiles on our faces) — Don’t tell their daddy what it really is.

What odd but incredibly fun Christmas memory do you have?


Make BelieveFor The Love Of Christmas CoverWhy all the hullabaloo?  Well, it’s to promote my two new releases “Make Believe” and “For the Love of Christmas”

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A Devilish Combination – working the tour buddy style

What’s it really like getting your stuff out there for the first time?   Was the experience different for me than others?  What’s the promotion been like?  Who’s sweeter, me or J.K. Ford?

All these questions and more are featured on Julie Catherine’s blog today in a combination interview with myself and Jenny Keller Ford.

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Oh Yeah!   During the blog tour through the month of December, I will be giving away ebook copies of the Make Believe anthology to random commenters both here, and commenters along the road.

The more you comment, the more chances you have to win.

See Ya there!


Make BelieveFor The Love Of Christmas CoverWhy all the hullabaloo? Well, it’s to promote my two new releases “Make Believe” and “For the Love of Christmas”

That’s why!

And don’t forget to click on “Enter to Win” for a chance to win your choice of the two titles! Yay!

Oh, I almost forgot… A few random commentors along the tour path will win their choice of anthologies, too. So be sure to hop on over and say “Hi”


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