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Vlog – Video blog! What makes your character different?

Fire in the Woods CoverHere’s installment two of my video interview tour for FIRE IN THE WOODS.

Fire in the Woods CoverWhat makes your character different from the other paranormal leads out there?


Video Blogging – Vlogging 101. Times are a-changing

For the last three months, I have not only been sprinting to finish ASHES IN THE SKY. I’ve also been on book tours to support the release of FIRE IN THE WOODS. I have to admit, with all that I needed to do, I would have gone crazy if it were not for my lovely publicist, Jamie, who kept everything straight for me and made sure my ducks were I a row – because by that time my quacker was sufficiently quacked-out.

As I scrambled to the end of my first draft of ASHES, Jamie contacted me and said “How about a vlog tour for the paperback release of FIRE IN THE WOODS?”

Ummmmmm. [Cringe] “I guess, but I’ve never done a vlog before.”

“Just be yourself.”


And before I knew it, the marketing company had seven stops set up. YIKES!

So, I took a deep breath and figured it out. I had two weeks to do them. No biggie. (All the while keeping up with my daily word counts)

I planned on filming them over two weekends, but the tour started earlier than I expected, so I had to give myself a crash course in making a video. I did two sessions on a Tuesday night and sent them off to Jamie, and the remainder I taped over the weekend before the tour (yeah, nothing like pressure)

Here are my pearls of wisdom:

  1. Get a tripod. You will thank me for it. Trust me.
  2. You’ll need a decent background. No one wants to see my messy desk. (Trust me on that, too)
  3. Don’t overthink it.
  4. If you mess up, don’t start over. Editing isn’t as hard as you might think (I used the free Microsoft Movie maker program that came with my computer.)
  5. Don’t be afraid to have fun (Even better, make fun of yourself)
  6. Know your audience. Is it a teen site? Give it a MUCH different tone then the “Mothers Review books” site. Record something your viewer will relate to/enjoy watching.
  7. Put on make-up. The camera will make you look like a zombie. Trust me.
  8. Put on more make-up. The make-up you used just makes you look like a cuter zombie
  9. Are you done with that make-up? Look like a clown? Are your kids running away from you screaming? Yep, you probably have it right, then. Make-up disappears in front of a camera for some reason. Guys, I think this goes for you, too – unless you don’t care if you look like a vampire. And not a cute sparkly one, either.
  10. Like Jamie said: Be yourself. Don’t sell your book. Just talk like you’re having lunch with the camera. Have fun.
  11.  Don’t wait until 10:00 PM when the kids are in bed. Your eyes will look red and glassy if you are tired.
  12. If your dog walks in and burps on camera… just go with it.

Putting it all together after you tape:

I’ve always had an interest in electronic art, so I spent some “fun time” learning about fades and swipes, inserting footage, and adding music. But I had to use the “learn as I go” method, so I didn’t know as much in the first video as I did in the last one. I’m hoping if I do another vlog tour, I will have learned to add effects, because I think that would be AWESOME fun.

All in all, I’d have to say it was a great experience. My interviews are not professional by any means, but you can see my style and expertise (with adding “extras”) improve with each video. (I think the last is my best-probably because I had relaxed more by that time as well)

So, for grins and giggles, now that the tour is over and the content is no longer “exclusive,” I am going to post all these videos here. Even the ones I’m not as happy with, because, hey… if you can’t laugh at yourself, who CAN you laugh at? And I never said I wanted to be a YouTube personality.

I’ll upload one video interview a week to avoid vlog-overload.

Starting with #1 below (Hosted on a teen-based site). Enjoy!


Bringing back the Gold Mine Manuscript

Last Monday I was interviewed on television about editing. The producer was specifically interested in my “Gold Mine Manuscript” series of posts from 2011.


That was three years ago!  Isn’t that crazy?

The more I thought about it, everything in those posts is still just as valuable today as it was three years ago. So in honor of my first television interview, I am bringing them back.  One per week, just like I did “way back when”.

I know I can use a refresher, and I hope other writers can learn a little, too.

Gold Mine Manuscript returns on Monday!


Take Away From My First Television Interview

On Monday, I had my first ever television interview. While I cannot speak to everywhere you might be interviewed, here are a few things that I took away from the experience.

1.  Bring a friend with you if you are the nervous type. You might be afraid to enter that scary little door between those two buildings. You might be even more afraid to walk down all those steps into what looks like a pit of doom. But fear not!  Big things come in small packages. A green room awaits!

2.  A green room is a place where guests wait before they are called by the producer. The room is not always green. In fact, I hear people joke about this all the time, so I don’t think any of them are green.

3.  I was told to come make-up ready. Not being much of a girly-girl, I went to a make-up salon and had someone who knows what they are doing make me look like a girl and make sure all of the colors were deep enough for television.  When I got to the television studio, I was called into make-up, and was surprised when she seemed ready to do all my make-up. The only thing she did was pile on the blush since I was already painted. I looked like I had a terrible sunburn when I left. She promised me that the lights would flood it out. I hope she’s right.

4.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  I had a pre-interview where we discussed the questions that would be asked. I practiced them for a week before the actual interview. It helped. I didn’t have to deal with the “ummmm…” factor.

5.  Practice being interviewed facing left or right. For some reason I envisioned facing right, but when I got in there, the hosts were on my left. I did fine, but this might freak you out if you are nervous.

6.  No matter how much you prepare, the questions will probably NOT be asked in the way you anticipate, and maybe not even in the anticipated order. Be ready so that doesn’t throw you.

7.  The hosts are not subject matter experts. Listen to what they say. They might get something backwards. This I DID NOT anticipate, and I hope I handled it with grace. I think I did okay. I will have to wait for the interview to air to see for myself.

8.  Be prepared in case something goes wrong to brush it off mentally and move on. In their introduction, the hosts mentioned my novella THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW TOMORROW instead of FIRE IN THE WOODS. Well, it’s nice that they did their research into my past works. [Slaps hand to forehead] At least “Tomorrow” is still an active title.

9.  See number eight: If you are promoting something, and the mention of the book will only be in one spot… double check before the cameras go on. – Even if you discussed the correct book in the pre-interview.  No biggie. Like I said, NEW TOMORROW is still an active title.

10. You are in. interviewed, and you are out. When I stepped into the live studio, the make-up lady was touching up the hosts after their previous interview, while the producer put on my microphone.  I sat down, spoke randomly in circles while they took levels on my voice, and then the studio cleared out. The hosts said we would not get through all my information, and try to keep it concise. No pressure. As soon as the interview was over, I stood up and the makeup lady attacked the hosts again in preparation for the next interview. Boom! In a flash you are done, and these people are rustling in the next guest. For one day, you are the cog in a well-oiled machine.

swish swivel squiggle

All in all it was a great experience. The best advice I can give is to relax. Whatever happens, happens. I can honestly say that I forgot there were three cameras in the room. It was probably good, because that might have made me nervous. I just focused on spitting out the information as quickly as I could in the eight minutes allotted.

When the host asked the last question, I glanced at the clock and it said 7:34. I figured they had a little slack on the time since they weren’t closing the interview, so I spoke quickly, and tried to get all my thoughts out.  After the two lovely hosts saying we would not get through it all, I’m happy to say we touched on all ten topics and only went over by 38 seconds. Not too shabby.

I know most of you will not be able to see this interview when it airs in October, but I will be getting a copy and posting it here so everybody can laugh at me learn from all the valuable tidbits of information on editing.


The Little Blue Lady from Mars – Day After


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Yawn.


Jennifer13There you are.

Where have you been?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Sleeping.

I’m tired.


From what?


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Do you have to ask?

Planning to take over the world, of course!

What have you been doing?

Jennifer13I started my new book, Optimal Red.

Oh, and I signed a contract

for Paper Wishes.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387You need to get out more.

I mean, seriously,

you need a hobby.

Jennifer13Like what?

Taking over the world?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Yes!!!!! That’s the best hobby ever! 

And then we can have tea and crumpets and make totalitarian plans!


How about we just do an interview first.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Piff. You are just not fun.

But I guess I have no choice.  Who’s here today?

Jennifer13Emi Gayle.

You’re gonna be nice, right?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387What’s that supposed to mean?

I’m always nice.


Yeah whatever.

Hello Emi!


Do you know there is a little blue lady on your table?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Who are you calling little?

How dare you waltz your tallness in here and…

Jennifer13So, Emi,

I hear you have a new book out this week.

What’s it called?

Yes I do!

It’s called Day After and it came out just this Monday.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Piff! 

I bet it’s a tall book about tall people who…

Jennifer13So, Emi, I know this is book two of a series.  How hard is it to know that you’ve gotten it just right, and book two is good enough to follow book one?

An author never thinks her book is good enough, but sometimes, it’s time to let go and let the public have the story. I love the story, I love Mac and Winn, so now it’s time to share what’s been in my head.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Lame Response! Sounds like one of those lovey-dovey books.

Why would anyone want to read it?

Because it has a hot guy on the cover. Or a nerdy one.

Either way, *I* think he’s hot.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, I’ll give you kudos that he at least has a head.

I hate novels with headless men.



Jennifer13Don’t ask.





PKO_Alien 3 0003387I’ll be deciding if it is okay or mot MISSY.

Does anything explode?

Only my head when someone compliments my book.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387[turns to Jennifer]

She has an exploding-reappearing head?


CJennifer13ould be.  You never know.

I have an alien on my table doing author interviews.

You never know what the stink is going to happen on this blog.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Hmm. 

Okay Missy too-tall with an exploding head.

Tell me what this book is about.

I’m going to give you the blurb because honestly, it’s the best way to describe Winn’s side of things …

Demon crypts. Vampire lairs. Glowing angels. Sexy sirens. The stuff of fiction.

Or so Winn Thomas always thought. Since being accepted into the fold of the supernatural, he knows better. None of what he imagined is true, but everything he feared is, and binding himself to his Changeling girlfriend until her nineteenth birthday will give him an education far beyond what he’d get at his human high school.

Luckily, Winn’s not giving up, he won’t back down, and he definitely isn’t going to run away with his tail between his legs. After all, only werewolves have tails. Right? In this, the second of the 19th Year trilogy, Winn’s facing the challenge of one lifetime. If he doesn’t learn the truth about mythological creatures, his girlfriend Mac Thorne won’t either. That means, in six months, when she chooses her final form, she won’t know what to pick. Winn, though, has his own ideas about Mac’s final selection—plans she knows nothing of. He intends to have her pick human.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Hmmmm.



What do you think?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387I think I’m angry,

Because I actually want to read this.

You do?


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Miss Too Tall and Exploding. 

Let’s be real.  Has your head actually ever exploded?

Well, no


PKO_Alien 3 0003387I thought Not.

Have you even ever tried to explode anything?


That sounds dangerous, I…

PKO_Alien 1 0003414Silence,

Too Tall!

Have you ever tried to take over the world?

Did she just get bigger?



Answer quick!

She’s getting mad!

Umm… ummmm… Yes! I have already taken over the world. Don’t you know that?

This is actually my interview and you’re just my pawn.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Whaaat?





Alien PKO_0003428Gotcha? 


I’ll show you Miss Smarty Pants!

Wait a minute.

Is that a ray gun?


Jennifer13Emi quick! 

Get under the table!


Ha Ha! No more Too Tall Lady’s book!

[Dances away merrily]

My Book!

She blew up my book!


Jennifer13Errr, yeah, that happens sometimes.

Did you remember to bring an extra?

I didn’t know I was supposed to bring an extra.

[Picks particles of half-disintegrated paper from her hair]


Jennifer13That stinks, because Day After sounds awesome.

I’d love to read it.

Shoot I wanted to give away a copy!

Well, there is still a Raffle Copter.


Jennifer13Oh great!  Can I sign up to win a copy there?

[brushes some book dust off Emi’s shoulder]


Here is the link.


Jennifer13Great!  Here you go everyone.  To sign up to win a free copy of Day After by Emi Gayle, click on over to Rafflecopter to win

She’s… errr,

not coming back,

is she?

Jennifer13Luckily, not for a few more weeks.

We’re safe for now.

Since I don’t have a copy to give away here,

You guys can also leave a comment on my website for a chance to win.


Thanks for coming, and I’m sorry about your book.

[picks up remains of charred cover]

It’s been an interesting experience.


If you’d like to learn more about Emi Gayle and her books, click on over to http://www.emigayle.com

Alien Zig ZagAlien Zig Zag*The Little Blue Lady from Mars Copyright Jennifer M. Eaton

#free #ebook copy of Torn by Keri Neal and a handmade Crochet eReader cover


Yay!  It’s Freebee Fridays time!

First of all, Congrats to last week’s winner:

You’ve received a free copy of “A Heart Broken” by Sara Barnard.

If you’d like to find out more about Sara Barnard and her books, hop on over to www.sarabarnardbooks.com


Alien Zig Zag

Alien SmileYee Haw! I had fun last week.


Hey, where have you been?

Alien SmileTexas!  I was out with Sara Barnard explod’, stuff.

Oh, umm, that’s nice. 

I’m glad you made a friend.

Alien SmileSo what’s on tap for this week?

Kerri Neal is waiting outside. 

Are you ready?

Alien SmileOf course!

What kind of host are you, making her wait?

One who likes to make sure her Little Blue Lady is in a good mood first before subjecting visitors to her.

Alien SmileWhat?



Alien SmileHmmm. Well, okay.

Ms. Neal?  So nice to meet you. I am the Little Blue Lay From Mars.

How are you today?

Oh, ah, good. 

Is this where I talk about my book Torn?

Alien SmileYes oh yes!  I love to talk about books, but only if they are worth reading.  So let’s cut to it.  Why would someone want to read a torn book?  Isn’t that a little hard?


Oh, not… the book isn’t torn. 

The title is Torn.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, if the title is torn, how will anyone know what it’s called?


No, it’s umm…



You know what, ladies… next question.  Let’s just leave it at that, okay? What makes your novel great, Kerri?

It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s a nail biter.

What more could you want?


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Sexy?  Is it human sexy or Martian sexy?  I really don’t get into all the half-headed men on this planet.

I think everyone is Kerr’s book has whole heads.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Are you sure?

Pretty sure. 

Go ahead, move on.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, if there are no sexy Martians, why would anyone want to read it?


Did I mention it’s fun, sexy and a nail biter? 

Well, ok then. It’s also a love story. And there is some violence for you adrenaline junkies.

Alien SmileOh!

What kind of violence?

Does anything explode?

Why, yes. Yes something does explode.

Your heart! There’s also an actual explosion, but I don’t want to give anything away.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Jennifer, she’s talking about exploding hearts.  Is this a horror book, because that sounds really messy.

I don’t think that’s what she meant.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Are you sure?

Keep going see what she says.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay, so, what exactly is it about?


After Agent Shane Baxter’s last mission failed both professionally and personally, he fled the States and changed his name. When Dixie Peterson re-enters his life, he has a second chance to make things right. Dixie is determined to find out the truth about Shane’s departure from her life two years ago, but someone else from her past is seeking revenge. Shane and Dixie are forced to confront the past, while their future is still unclear.

Alien Huh CloseThat doesn’t sound like anything explodes.  Hey, is this a squishy Romance novel?


It’s a nail-biter! 

It’s exciting.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387She doesn’t sound very convincing.  I have a bad feeling about this one. How do I know she can be trusted?

Ask her some trust-worthy questions.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay, Ms Neal:  Would you like to take over the world?

Um…YES! Disney World! 

Cuz I’ve never been there and it sounds awesome!

Is that too many exclamation points?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Disney world?  What the heck are you supposed to do with Mickey Mouse and a bunch of dancing animals?

But I like dancing animals.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Erghhhh.  Are you making fun of me?  I don’t like it when people make fun of me.  Last chance, Neal:  If you could explode just one thing, what would it be?

Ok, what’s your fascination with exploding?

I wish I could blow up a watermelon.

Seriously, I only blown up things in my head.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Ugh!  She’s done.  Exploding watermelons and dancing fruit.  I have nothing in common with this woman!  Where’s my ray gun! Once I get rid of her, let’s go out and get something to eat.

Wait!  Ummmm… Kerri, quick, she’s hungry describe your favorite dessert. 

See if you can distract her!

Well, I love white chocolate lemon cheesecake. Let that soak into your brain for a minute. The buttery white chocolate, the tangy lemon, the melt-in-your-mouth creamy cheese. Then when it’s all gone you have those little ooey-gooey graham cracker crumbs that stick to the plate and the fork. That’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Alien PKO_0003428Ooooo.  You would have had me if you didn’t include lemon!  I tried lemon a few weeks ago.

What is it with you authors and lemons!  Disgusting!  Prepare for your demise!

Wait! Stop… just blow up her book… don’t blow up her!  Quick, Kerri, do you have a bribe?

How about a hand-crochet cover for her e-reader?

  I’ll make it myself! 

A pretty blue to match her hair!

Alien Smile Close[[Sniff]]

You’d make me something?

Sure.  You look like a nice little blue alien… when you’re not painting that ray gun at me, that is. 

You can even use it as a comfy bed. 

It would fit you perfectly.

Alien Smile CloseSniff.

[Powers down ray-gun] Okay.

I’ll pretend you didn’t say anything about lemons.

Awesomesauce!  And how about we give away a handmade crochet eReader cover to a guest today with a copy of your ebook of Torn?


They can even pick the color. 

As long as it’s not gray.  I don’t do gray.

There you have it!  Comment below for a free copy of Torn by Kerri Neal, and a bonus custom handmade crochet eReader cover.  How about them apples?

Thanks for coming Kerri!

If you’d like to find out more about Kerri Neal check out her blog kerineal.com/author or check her out on Twitter twitter.com/@authorkerineal or Facebook facebook.com/authorkerineal

The Little Blue Lady From Mars © Jennifer M. Eaton.

#FreeFridays Giveaway! #Win a #free copy of “HUSH, LITTLE BABY” Everyone loves #freestuff and #freebooks!

Yay!  It’s Free Friday!

First of all, congratulations to last week’s winner. Celestine Nudana chose my anthology “For the Love of Christmas” as her title.

Enjoy, Celestine!


Now this week, we are happy to have….

PKO_Alien 1 0003414


Jennifer13Umm, no.  Actually we have Deborah M. Piccurelli here today.  She’s an author.

No!  You will interview me!

Jennifer13No no no!  Not this time.  You don’t have a book to give away.

Alien Huh Close

Huh?  Since when do you need to give away abook to get on here?

Jennifer13It’s new.  This is Freebee Friday.  I’ll interview someone, and then give away their book.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387

For nothing?

Yeah.  Pretty much.

Well, what fun is that?

It’s great fun, if you win.

Alien PKO_0003410

Hmmm.  Can I interview her?  I’ll be good.  I promise.

I don’t know.


Jennifer13Ergh.  Okay, but BE NICE.

This is a very nice author with a nice, wholesome book.  Pretend to be a good girl. Okay?


Alien SmileYay! Okay, here is my very first interview!

Cheer me on, Earthlings!


Alien Zig ZagAlien Zig ZagAlien Zig Zag

PKO_Alien 3 0003387So, who are you and what do you want?

Like Jennifer said, my name is Deborah M. Piccurelli and I am an author who writes about controversial issues. My goal is to help stop heinous acts performed by evil people. I plan to give a portion of the proceeds from every book published from here on out, to a charity that works against them. It is one way for me to contribute to Kingdom work.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Why do you think your book is good enough to talk about with someone as great as me?

Because it’s for a worthy cause, and I put my whole heart and soul into it.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Oh!  I know about putting heart and soul into things… Like taking over the world!  Is this about taking over the world?

No. Sorry.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387No? Then why would anyone want to read it?

It has unique characters, a unique story, and it contains humor, romance, and suspense.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, I guess those things can be fun, too.

So, entice me.  What’s it about?

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Investigative journalist, Amber Blake, is a little person bent on payback for the death of her average-sized twin sister. Enlisted by her former partner and estranged husband, Evan, she poses as a counselor in an abortion clinic to expose the doctor responsible for fetal harvesting. As a Christian, she struggles with concealing her beliefs to maintain her cover, while the doctor’s romantic overtures tumble her stomach. Amber agrees to date him for the sake of the story . . . but nothing prepares her for what’s behind a mysterious door in his office.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Wow.  That sounds really really deep!  Are you sure she doesn’t blow him up at the end?  Because that would be a great ending.

No.  Sorry, no explosions.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Are you sure?  Would you consider writing one in?



PKO_Alien 3 0003387Come on!  I have to get at least one explosion story out of you.  Have you ever fantasized about exploding things?

Not really. 

Am I boring?

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Do you really want me to answer that?


Jennifer13Hey!  You said you would be nice!!!!!

Not everyone wants to explode things!  This sounds like a great, really tense story!  What an interesting and kinda Creepy premise.

Thank you, Jennifer.


Jennifer13Okay, Deborah, let’s give her a taste of your writing.  That should win her over. 

Oh!  I know! Describe your favorite dessert to her.

Right now, I’m thinking of Olive Garden’s Lemon Cake. The lemon custard filling is smooth and silky on my tongue, almost melting away as it passes through the mouth and down the throat. The taste is simultaneously slightly tart/slightly sweet. The delicate layer cake that sandwich’s the filling is light and airy. It, too, seems to melt on the tongue, and the discreet vanilla flavor comes together with the fine sugar powder that’s sprinkled over top of the cake to create a quick burst of sweetness before it’s swallowed, and then it’s gone . . . until you fork up the next morsel.

Alien Huh PKO_0003376Okay okay!  You win!  Is there an Olive Garden I haven’t exploded yet?

Yes!  Here it is!

Now, how does one use one of these map things…

Jennifer13Okay, Deborah, quick, while she’s distracted, what are you giving away this week?


I must say this has been a truly DIFFERENT experience.  I’m giving away a copy of my book, Hush, Little Baby or if the winner prefers, a .pdf version.

Jennifer13Awesomesauce!  Thanks for stopping by, and I’m really sorry for the Little Blue Lady.

Okay guys, comment below for a chance to win Hush, Little Baby by Deborah M. Piccurelli in your choice of paperback or PDF.  If you want to know more about Deborah, Check out her web site here.

Don’t forget to comment!  A random winner will be chosen on Monday.



Yay! My First Character Interview! Jump into the head of Emily in Last Winter Red.

Are ya looking for Romancing Your E-Reader? 25 Ebooks Up for grabs! Click Here to Enter!


Oh My Gosh! I am so excited for today’s post because I’m not being interviewed today… my character Emily from Last Winter Red is being interviewed by Susan Rocan. I’ve never done this before, and I am so excited to sit down and get into her head, and answer questions from someone living in this century.

This was such a hoot! I really hope you enjoy it. Please hop on over and step into the mind of a woman who lives in my Dystopian world of Last Winter Red from the Make Believe Anthology.

Oh! And if you’d like to see Susan’s Review of Last Winter Red, you can check it out Here. Two for the price of one! Yay!



Make BelieveFor The Love Of Christmas CoverWhy all the hullabaloo? Well, it’s to promote my two new releases “Make Believe” and “For the Love of Christmas”

That’s why!

And don’t forget to click on “Enter to Win” for a chance to win your choice of the two titles! Yay!

Oh, I almost forgot… A few random commentors along the tour path will win their choice of anthologies, too. So be sure to hop on over and say “Hi”


Hop on over and send me some love!

Click on over to see Emily’s interview on Mywithershins


Visit my Anthology buddies! They are celebrating too!

Jenny Keller Ford

J.A. Belfield

Kelly Said

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Terri Rochenski

Janelle Lee

Dani-Lyn Alexander


How’d I get in trouble when I was a kid? Do ya like bugs?

We’re just burning up the pavement… err… internet on this blog tour!  Today I’m hanging with Terri Rochenski at Scribbler’s Sojourn with a big interview about bugs, exercise, auto-biographies, and bad habits.


For The Love Of Christmas CoverMake BelieveWhy?  Well, it’s to promote my two new releases “Make Believe” and “For the Love of Christmas”

That’s why!

And don’t forget to click on “Enter to Win” for a chance to win your choice of the two titles!  Yay!

Oh, I almost forgot… A few random commentors along the tour path will win their choice of anthologies, too.  So be sure to hop on over and say “Hi”


Click on over to find out more than anyone should know about me

***smacks herself in the head***

Why did I answer that one about my nails?

Teleport me to Scribbler’s Sojourn


A Devilish Combination – working the tour buddy style

What’s it really like getting your stuff out there for the first time?   Was the experience different for me than others?  What’s the promotion been like?  Who’s sweeter, me or J.K. Ford?

All these questions and more are featured on Julie Catherine’s blog today in a combination interview with myself and Jenny Keller Ford.

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