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Write a Story with Me Part 19 – Family Feud with Shannon Burton

Shannon swings it back around to the long-lost sister.  Let’s take another peek into dear old sis’s world.  Take it away, Shannon!

19 Shannon Burton

But then, Sian had lost the fear of awkwardness within a tenday of her Recall. Within two, she had begun to learn – although she had had to be very careful, in those early days before she’d known enough to move without being seen…

That had taken nearly a full turning of Argot around its sun – a length of time she had once thought almost infinite. Now, though, she had circled so many planets that the only time that mattered anymore was that the Establishment demanded of her, and the flow of her own life. No planet could determine time for her, now.

She slipped through the honeycombed lattices of the Establishment Revisionist Division,

Yes… That was a comma.  There’s more!  Hop on over to Shannon’s blog to read more.  http://wp.me/p1EtBn-JJ  or http://shanjeniah.com/

Write a Story with Me is a group endeavor just for the fun of it.  A different writer adds a new 250 words each week.  It is the ultimate Flash Fiction Challenge!

If you’d like to sign up, come on over.  There’s always room for more!

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Don’t forget to stop by next week to see what happens next.

 Jenny Keller Ford —- TAG!  You are “It”