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Write a Story with Me # 40 – With a Clap of the Hands – by Norah Jansen

Norah Jansen debuts to Write a Story with Me and turns a corner and starts heading our two strings back together again.  Take it away, Norah!

40- Norah Jansen – With a clap of the hands

Janelle clapped her hands together and a tall fair haired boy dressed in a multitude of colours appeared at her side.

“This is your eldest grandson. Tangle. Marci’s family is here in the Kingdom and Tangle will take you to them.”

Tangle smiled shyly at Morath. He had heard about his grandmother, the great Queen of the Faeries, but never thought he would actually meet her. Now he was going to be her guide and pride swelled in his chest under her gentle gaze. He hoped all his friends would see him as he led their Queen through the streets of Argot.

Morath felt her heart squeeze as she watched Janelle with her smaller children. They were all so beautiful and Morath had missed out on seeing them being born and growing up. Something else to hold against the humans if she dared to let herself go down that path. This wasn’t the time for hatred; there was a sliver of a chance that what had started out as a potential disaster for her people could be a turning point for both humans and Fae.

She nodded to Tangle to proceed and with a swift backward glance at Janelle, Morath followed her grandson through the streets of Argot. Not many of her people (and none of Tangle’s friends) were around to see their procession but those that were bowed low before racing away to spread the news of their Queen’s return.

Tangle pointed ahead to the large building in the middle of the square. Morath’s ears twitched with apprehension as they approached. This wasn’t the first time a human had been held in this building. She hoped the outcome would be different this time.

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