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It’s a Really Big day for me!

I have a brand new release!

And I’ve made a huge decision.

I’m so excited to share a brand new series with everyone.

This book has been several years in the making, and it’s book 1 of my first ever 5-book series!

You will not have to wait long for book 2. It’s already in editing and books 3-5 are in the works.

The goal at the moment (Pandemic permitting) Is to release books 1, 2, and 3 this year, with books 4 and 5 following in 2022.

As you guys all know, after losing my job of 25 years due to the Pandemic, I am now a full time author. I have to admit, a LOT is riding on this series.

I hate to think that something as horrible as a Pandemic pushed me to live my dream, but not having a 9-5 job means more time to write, and this is really what I know I was born to do.

So this is it — The first day of the rest of my life, and I’m TERRIFED and EXCITED all at the same time. I hope you guys will enjoy taking this journey with me.

I really appreciate all the support, and Happy Reading!


SB Renegade Magic

The Epic Adventure Starts Today!

In outer space, there is no right or wrong…unless you get caught.


Early Reviews are 4.7 out of five stars!

“I love the little rag-tag family on the starship Renegade!”

“This book pulled me in right from the start.”

“Once you start you can’t stop until the end!”


And the first review after release is five stars!

“Want to stay up all night reading?  Loved this book and couldn’t put it down! The world building was incredibly detailed but not boring or “in the way” of the story like so many sci-fi books. I stayed up all night with these fun, quirky, and lovable characters, and I swear I got Firefly vibes while reading.

Eaton can definitely write an action-packed, edge of your seat story with characters who have heart. I’d definitely recommend this book, and I can’t wait for the next one in the series!”

What’s it about? I’m glad you asked!

Cal commandeers a smuggling vessel to escape a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. When a beautiful galactic law enforcer lands far too close, Cal’s new crew kidnaps her hoping they can prove his innocence.

Hey, what could go wrong?

Dania, a powerful mage enforcer, is on a mission to eliminate a human trafficking ring. When a small team of criminal buffoons grabs her instead, she’s honor bound to exterminate them despite their pleas of innocence.

The Star Renegade crew is guilty and must be punished for their crimes. However, they use their smuggling profits to feed the hungry. Dania will face her own execution for not enforcing royal edicts, but how can she execute people breaking the law for all the right reasons? Especially since she’s starting to have feelings for the renegade captain.

Star Bandits is Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Expanse, Firefly, and Robin Hood.

Jump on board and start your inter-galactic adventure today!

Seriously, guys, thanks for all the support.

Some of you have been with my from the beginning 9 years ago.

Yup, it took this long to make this step.

Deep breaths! It’s time for takeoff!


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Perils of goodreads – Overthinking Your Reviews until they make you CRAZY

This girl rocks.

I don’t know… with the first reviews coming out for the anthologies I am in, I’m seeing a lot of chatter about reviews on the web.

I found this video both timely, and hilarious. Enjoy the chuckle.

Give her three minutes.  You’ll enjoy it.  Either you are this person, or you know someone like her.


I’m sorry. I like you, I just didn’t like your book.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I read a book by a friend of mine, and I just didn’t like it.

Was there anything wrong with her writing?  No, not really.  It was just a disappointing read for me. So, what did I do?  I finished it, and I moved on to something else, kept my mouth shut, and I didn’t do a book review.

At one point, in a forum we are both on, she said, referring to me finishing her novel:  “I guess no news is good news, yikes”.  Well, there was no actual question asked in the statement, so again, I kept my mouth shut.  I thought I had ducked the bullet.

Today she sent me a private message. (Almost a month later) She asked me if I hated it.  My heart sank.  What the heck do you say?  I don’t want to lie. It’s not that it’s a bad book.  It was traditionally published, so someone had to think it was good, and it had a few good reviews.  I just happened to agree with the bad ones.  I would have given the book three stars if I’d reviewed it, but in doing this, I felt like I would have to list the things that I didn’t like.

I have a policy not to review books I don’t like at all.  (Although some would say I’m lethal even when I do like a book 🙂 )

The way I figure it —  It doesn’t help the author any to bring their rating down because I didn’t care for it.  That’s why you have only seen four star reviews so far.  The stuff that I haven’t liked, I’ve set aside (except for that one I reviewed without giving the author’s name or book title)

So now, I’m stewing, and writing a blog post about it.  I need to say something to her by tonight.

Whattya do?