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Holy Toledo! FIRE IN THE WOODS Moves Into the FINALS for the TRR Reader’s Choice Award!

I’m flabbergasted. Totally and completely flabbergasted.

The Romance ReviewThe Romance ReviewWhen I heard Fire in the Woods was in the “mix” for an award, I was thrilled … but I figured my chances were slim. I mean, this is my debut novel, and you have to get a lot of votes to move into the finals.

But here we are.

Holy Cow!

Moo Who

I’m still stunned. Did I say Holy cow yet?


With a double shot of Mooooooo!


The Romance ReviewThe Romance ReviewBut I’ve gone from being thrilled, to being nervous. I totally HATE to ask any of you to vote again, but I’d love it if you would. All previous nomination votes have been wiped clean.

This is the biggie. The final round.

It’s nice to make the finals… but only one book will forevermore be known as the 2015 TRR Reader’s Choice.

The Romance ReviewIf you’d like to vote you can CLICK HERE to go straight to the voting page. If you are logged in, all you need to do is hit the “Young Adult Romance Vote Now” button. Boom! You are done. If you are not logged in, you can log in with any social media, and click on the red words “Book Voting” at the top of the page. Fire in the Woods is the very last book on the list.

Thanks so much guys. I totally appreciate all the support for my little alien adventure.

This has been an awesome year!


Flames longFlames longFlames longFire in the Woods Cover

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