Write a Story with Me # 36 – Daddy wake up! by Jennifer M. Eaton

I’m bringing it back to the battle string this week, ’cause that’s where the party’s at!  Let’s rock!

36 – Jennifer M. Eaton – “Daddy, wake up!”

Yoran lulled in and out of consciousness.  Echoing blasts of battle and the throttling of wind pummeled his mind.

“Daddy, Daddy wake up.” Marci’s voice seeped into his internal chaos.

Oh! What a foul ogre a mind could be, taunting him with the voice of his beloved daughter, when he knew she was lost.  The vision of meek, weary Marci falling to her death grated against his soul, tearing and ripping to the point of insanity.


Yoran blinked twice.  His eyes stung, accosted by the sunlight shining from above.  Heaven?  Was this the great light he was to travel to?

A dark figure blotted out the sun, a form not unlike a small girl.  “Daddy, can you hear me?”  Tiny finger grabbed his shoulders, and his body shook.  “Daddy, can you feel me?”

A larger figure passed through his vision, and his face stung as a cold hand slapped him nearly off the table.

“Let’s see if he felt that.” The angry woman’s voice sliced into his heart–the same voice he’d heard pluck him from the sky.

“Sian?” His raspy voice barely sputtered the name.  His eyes focused, and she re-folded her arms, her eyes hard and glaring, just as they had been the last time he woke. She was really there.  This wasn’t a dream.

Mustering all his energy, he pulled himself to a sitting position.  His head pounded as he reached out to his eldest daughter.

Sian spat on the floor beside him.  “Save your strength, Father.  You’re going to need it.”

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5 responses to “Write a Story with Me # 36 – Daddy wake up! by Jennifer M. Eaton

  1. I like Sian so much. I envision someone like Amanda Righetti of the Mentalist when I think about her with the descriptions so far! She SHOULD have her retribution for her father being to weak to support her inquiring mind. She seems to have made her way in spite of the separation.

  2. Julie Catherine

    Ooooh, methinks oldest daughter Sian is about to bring long-waited retribution down on her daddy’s head! And poor Marci is still waiting in the wings for attention … hmmmmm … great episode, Jennifer! 😀

  3. 36 installments multiplied by ±250 words = ca. 9,000 words to date. This story is growing some legs! 🙂

  4. Oh, Mother! Tantalizing.