Write a Story With Me # 55 – “You’re dying, aren’t you?” by Jenny Keller Ford

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55 – Jenny Keller Ford “You’re dying, aren’t you?”

Marci tilted her head back taking in Sian’s pinched face and folded arms. She backed away and shook her head. “You. This is all your fault.”

Sian’s smirk fell away. “What are you babbling about? How is any of this my fault? Look behind you.” Sian gestured toward Yoran. “He’s the true traitor.” Sian approached her father with an over-confident swagger. “It’s true, isn’t it?” she said, circling Yoran. “You sided with the Establishment. You were fed their lies and you devoured them as truths.” She stopped before Yoran, her eyes searching his. “You relinquished your daughter and never once did you come looking for me.”

“That’s a lie.” Yoran said. “I searched for you for many moons, but you were gone, kidnapped by these filthy creatures.”

“I AM one of these filthy creatures,” Sian shouted. “So are my mother and my siblings.” She pressed closer to Yoran, her eyes blazing in anger. “That disgusts you, doesn’t it? It makes you ill knowing you’ve bedded a fae and begat fae children.”

“Do not speak to me in such a manner. I am your father!”

“You are nothing to me!”

“Stop it!” Marci shouted. “You know nothing, Sian. Tell her, Daddy. Tell her how the Establishment tried to kill you the night you met with the fae king and begged for Sian’s life. Tell her about the bomb they put inside of you to keep you loyal to them, and the device they embedded to track your moves.” Marci opened her palm revealing an array of small, smashed cyber parts covered in blood. “Tell her how they ended up like this.” She glanced up at her father, tears sliding down her cheeks. “I found them in your cell.” She sniffled. “You’re dying, aren’t you, Daddy?”


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5 responses to “Write a Story With Me # 55 – “You’re dying, aren’t you?” by Jenny Keller Ford

  1. Julie Catherine

    Awesome, Jenny! Loved the tension you built up in this segment, and especially that last line! 🙂 xox

  2. Oh, no! What’s next?!?!

  3. Talk about upping the ante here. Wow. How much tension can this story take? Another awesome addition.

  4. You gave me chills with that last line, Jenny! Great piece! 🙂

  5. Wow this is a great twist and opens another track. Such a good addition.