An eight-second trailer for FIRE IN THE WOODS @month9books @Georgia_mcbride

I cut my timing even closer on this one. This was mostly a test of a new software upgrade that came through. I messed with it, and when I saw the effect I was floored. I got a very nice response from this, and it is only a whopping EIGHT SECONDS long!  Super quick, but I think it gets my point across.

What do you think?




9 responses to “An eight-second trailer for FIRE IN THE WOODS @month9books @Georgia_mcbride

  1. I like how dramatic it is, but it leaves me wanting to know a little bit more. But that would mean a longer trailer. I might be one of those old-school people though.

    • This is really aimed at people who’ve already heard of the book. It is meant more to incite a feeling. The longer 15 second trailer from last week gives more of what the story is about. And of course if anyone is super interested the full trailer should be easy enough to find. 😊

  2. Impressive! And maybe very effective, too –