Fire in the Woods is up for an award!

Guess what?

 Fire-in-the-Woods-Cover 3D

Fire in the Woods is up for the TRR Reader’s Choice award!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

We’ve already moved into round two, and we need your vote to move into the next (and final) round which is the judging round.

If anyone would like to help push Fire in the Woods into the final judging round, you can click on this link:

You will need to log in, but you can do this simply by linking up with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or other social medial account with one click of your mouse.

If you are logged in when you visit the site from this link, you can simply hit the “Nominate this book” button, or you can click on the red “Book Voting” button at the top of the page.

Fire in the Woods is in the “Young Adult” category, which is the last category in a very long listing, so you can scroll all the way to the bottom, and then find the book alphabetically under that category. All you need to do is click on “Nominate this book”.

Thanks so much for voting and/or your positive vibes!

You guys totally rock!

You can find Fire in the Woods at all these awesome bookish places!   Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Kobo | Chapters Indigo! | iBooks


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13 responses to “Fire in the Woods is up for an award!

  1. Congrats Jennifer, keep up your great work!

  2. Congrats! You must be over-the-top thrilled!

  3. Many congratulations, Jennifer. I believe I voted for your book and left a comment at the site.

  4. Congratulations. Heading over to cast my vote now.

  5. So very exciting!!! I hope it goes all the way!

  6. Congratulations!