Book Signings – Nobody’s there? Isn’t somebody supposed to be there?

This is soooooo darn funny.  I guess it’s something we all have to go through, but it is like your worst nightmare.  So well done.

Hope your days are full of fun times. And if you see an author at a book signing, please stop by and say hi. We won’t bite!

(Well, not all of us, anyway.)


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6 responses to “Book Signings – Nobody’s there? Isn’t somebody supposed to be there?

  1. I worked in a very popular indie bookstore in San Francisco when I was getting my MFA. This happens quite frequently to new authors. In cases where no or very few people show up, bookstore employees would listen to the author read, ask questions, and try to round up people who were browsing to sit and listen for a few minutes. This video is quite funny. Glad the guy has a sense of humor.

  2. Ha ha! Two of my friends just paid to have tables ($90 a pop) at an author’s fair to promote and sign their pretty darn good books. One forked over an extra $15 to read. They each sold ONE book all weekend. Sigh. Still, you keep producing, and getting great reviews, you won’t identify with this tune for long.

  3. It can be a bit humbling, but usually I start asking everyone who looks like a potential reader if they like my kind of book, and try to draw them in. Just one more skill to develop as an author.

  4. Does this mean no one was at YOUR last signing?
    I seriously would have been there if it didn’t happen 3,000 miles away from my zip code. I would have been all gushy and fangirling and you would have been embarrassed to have to talk to me.
    Doesn’t that make you want to come to Oregon and sign books???