How do you feel about your Facebook page?

I admit, I am behind the times.  Facebook is not my friend.

I cannot use my knowledge of HTML to make it do what I want.  I can’t make it be what I want it to be.

Yes, I have a Facebook page.  No, I don’t really take care of it, and it shows.  As a yet to be published author, I have nothing definitive to promote, other than, which I think I do reasonably well. (Proof is in the pudding… you’re reading this, aren’t cha?)

I’m just not really sold on Facebook’s value.

Why do I bring this up?

When I recently submitted my manuscript to a publisher, they asked a lot of questions relating to my “marketing value/expertise”.   One of them was the link to my Facebook page.  Ugh.

It was required, so of course I gave it to them, but this is the one part of my submission that I am not proud of.

Here is my pitiful Facebook page Author page interactive page

Does anyone have a Facebook page that I can copy they are proud of?  I’d love to see it.  Mine is sorely lacking.


18 responses to “How do you feel about your Facebook page?

  1. Greetings! Like anything, it will require patience with the progress I KNOW you’ll make with anything you pursue. It’s just the patience part that is tough. Just keep adding tidbits here and there to it, and before you know it, BAM! It will be a collection of your musings to reveal how marketable you really are. 😀


  2. I suck at FB too. 😦 I only have a page because I feel like I have too. Meh. Actually, I only have a personal page –not even an author page, so I have zero tips for you. Just sympathy!

    • Ergh. I know. I did it because everyone says you have to. It just sits there and lingers. Then again, I started blogging because everyone said I had to, and look what happened… I guess it just depends on where you place your efforts.

  3. Donna B. McNicol [@donnabmcnicol]

    Check out Indies Unlimited FB page like fest…you get to see an assortment of page. BTW, I ‘liked’ your page. Mine is at Most of my posts come via HootSuite. LOL!

  4. I’ve been wanting to read this post since it arrived in my e-mail box but I’m glad I had to wait so I could read the other comments. My Facebook page is not a crowd stopper and it looks like everyone else is kind of dogging it too. I don’t think you have anything to worry about Jennifer. Keep us posted!

  5. Right now, I just have my personal FB page for family and friends—all 33 of them. And I haven’t changed to the timeline, either. Someday, Zuck will force it on me, I know.

    When I’m closer to publishing, be it traditional or electronic, I’ll probably set up a fan page. But right now, what would I put on FB that I couldn’t do better here at WordPress with the blog? And I haven’t even begun to think about tweeting. It looks pointless to me. But I know, I’ll have to do it sometime. Again, I’d rather wait until I’m closer to having a “product” for people to see.

    Sorry, I don’t have anything you’d be even remotely interested in stealing, er borrowing. 😦

  6. I’m not big into Facebook. I spend much more time on twitter.

  7. For me, Facebook’s value is having the ability to stay in touch with family and friends and keep up with the local news. I haven’t written anything of consequence yet, so I can’t say that it helps me sell anything, and I wouldn’t expect it to, anyway.

  8. Ugh…I still refuse to join the facebook clique. I have enough online addictions as it is.

    • I hear you. I set mine up and pretty much let facebook and twitter do the rest. I pop over to FB whenever I get an e-mail someone left me a message or if I want to play a round or two of Angry Birds. 🙂

      • I mean I don’t even have a fb account at all. Someone wants to friend me, I direct them to my wife’s account. Figure she’ll let me in on any truly important news 😉 If I’ll need to set one up for my book I may be in trouble as I REALLY don’t want an account v.v;;

  9. I have both a FB profile and a FB page. I’m slowly getting the hang of them. A real easy way to fill either is to send a copy of your blog posts to your FB page and Twitter feed and all kinds of other places as well. You can do this with a couple of methods in WordPress (which I notice this site is). WP has an awesome support site at . Tons of valuable info. Start with .
    My links are: and . I’m really proud of my website as I did it myself.

  10. Yeah, I have my regular page, but then I have my “author” page attached, which is where I post anything about my own personal writing. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to attach my wordpress blog to my “author” page. It wants to attach to the front page, which is okay I guess.

    It doesn’t appear you have your timeline set up. I hate the timeline BUT it does allow you to add more pics and have your page look more visibly appealing. The big plumeria bloom on my front page is a picture I took myself. The picture on my author page is a creative commons license piece. Go into your settings pages and start by adding the timeline, then go from there. I don’t know if it really helps to draw traffic. What I do know is that when I post on my blog, it automatically posts on FB and Twitter and when I post on Twitter, I have it to auto post on FB. That way, I have all three basis covered at once.

  11. I love Facebook I have to say, and my page is overflowing with stuff lol. I don’t do anything regarding HTML or anything, I just kind of evolves because I use it daily 🙂

    I think you definitely need more pictures, it’s not very visual at the moment 😉

    Good luck!


  12. observation.. I’d expect everything on your Jennifer M Eaton facebook page to actually be on your author page instead. Hope that’s good feedback?

  13. I always think of facebook as being for the fans and not necessarily something you have to put much into. Or rather, the fans want it and for some inexplicable reason maintain the conversation on it, while you don’t really have to participate much. I’ve seen fan pages where there’s a constant running discussion, but I almost never see anything from the actual “star”. If people want to see you it seems like they should just come here. So make a facebook page with a link to here, so facebook-y people can find you when they go there, and link to here. Then just post the exact same info on twitter/facebook/wordpress, so it’s not 3x the work?

    :-\ yeah. i don’t get fb either.