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7 x 7 Link Blog Award

It’s been a very award winning season for me.  No more pouting when I see these lovely tags on other’s blogs.  Now I have quite a collection of my own!

I was granted the 7×7 award by the lovely and talented Ms. jmmcdowell.  Check out her blog.  Archaeologist by day, novel diva by night.  Thanks so much for the nod!


The Rules — 7 x 7 Link Award

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.  (Check)
  2. Write a post about it.  (Ummm. Doing that now.  Check)
  3. Answer 7 questions about yourself.  (Erghh.  See below)
  4. Link to 7 of your own posts: Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Popular, Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Controversial and Most Pride-Worthy
  5. Pass the award along to 7 bloggers who you think deserve it

10 Questions:

Favorite color: As girly as it is, I’ve recently become extremely fond of pink.  In a house with 4 men, it’s the only way to claim something as mine.

Favorite animal:  I have a big floppy poodle sleeping on my foot.  She’s cool, but it would probably be a tie with my wonderful koi.  (You can see a few of my koi swimming behind Eric in yesterday’s video.  The rest are in heated ponds outside) Chloe’s going to be tested for Canine Good Citizen some time this week when the AKC confirms.  If there was a test for fish, I’d give it to my koi.

Favorite number:  If I told you that… I’d have to kill you.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Gatorade  Has to be green, and cut 50% with water

Facebook or Twitter?  I’m not terribly fond of either, but I am addicted to my email.

My passion:  Writing and teaching.  I love creating new worlds, or maybe just escaping this one.

Getting or giving presents?  I love watching the expression on someone’s face when they open a special present.  Christmas videos are classic just for this.

Favorite pattern:  Swirly swishes.  If you don’t know what this is, look for some dividers in my blog.

Favorite day of the week: Thursday.  Only one day left before I can sleep.

Favorite flower: I’m rather fond of daylilies… The big exotic (expensive) ones… not the yellow ones you see everywhere.  I’m pretty fond of the water lillies in my pond, too.

Okay… that wasn’t all that hard.  This will be though.

7 Posts in the following categories:

Most Surprisingly Successful:  Sucking out your creativity…Cancer

Most Underrated:  Book Review of Throne

Most Popular:  I had to look this up, Funny, my most popular all-time post is the Kreativ Blogger award and Honorable mentions.  That one is still drawing people in.  Maybe because I listed so many great blogs to check out, people keep coming back.  Not sure.

Most Beautiful:  Art of Conflict.  I don’t know, I just love the way that one looks with all the images.

Most Helpful:  Any of the Gold Mine Manuscript Series.  Everyone seems to get a lot out of those

Most Controversial:  Tee Hee.  It’s sitting in my queue.  It’s called “The dreaded F-Bomb”  Some day, I will publish it.  I Promise.

Most Pride-Worthy:  Pride is a bad thing.  I don’t feel prideful about anything.  However, I was happy that I could make a friend feel better in “Don’t take it out on your Beta Reader

This was actually a really cool exercise.  I never went back before to see what my popular posts were.  I found it funny to see that many of my first posts only had 1-2 views TOTAL.  I may have to re-post some of the better ones.  It was neat, though, to see my numbers going up over time.

Okay.  There seems to be no criteria at all for this award, so since I have been hanging around my stats anyway, I am going to award this to the top commenters on my blog, and a few new cyber-friends who recently joined in the fun.  This is my “Thank you” for making my blog a warm and cozy place to hang out.

Jenny Keller Ford

Gloria Richard

Kristina Stanley


Natalie Hartford

Brinda Berry

Diana Murdock


Okay, so that’s eight… not seven. 
I’m a writer not a mathematician gosh dern it!

More Blog Awards!

JMMcdowel just graced me with the “One Lovely Blog” award.  This is a nice one, because I will not have to spend all weekend researching who I should give it to.  Thanks so much!  Everyone please go and give JM a visit to bask in the lovelyness.

This one is an easy one for me, because I just visited 140 of my wonderful followers’ blogs searching for ones that were “creative”.  The one who stood out in my mind as “Lovely” belongs to the lovely and talented Natalie Hartford… and the pink will look “Lovely” on her Website.

Natalie’s blog is not only striking, but has a very professional appeal while keeping her whimsical tone (Warning:  Her post tonight is not whimsical, but that just shows her diversity.)

Please jump over to Natalie’s Sight, and wave some pink Pom Poms and sprinkle hot-pink fairy dust all over her in congratulations.

I was also re-blessed with the Kreativ Blogger award, and the Versatile Blogger award from the talented Whitney Carter  tonight (Who I could not find on Twitter.  Are you out there?)  Thanks, Whitney.  Jump on over to Whitney’s sight as well and give her a big hello from me.

Amend 1-22-12 :  I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award once more from Story Multiverse.  Quite a week for me.  Please hop over there and check out that blog as well.  Thanks so much!

Now, after several hours of watching my children in a wrestling match, I am off to bed.  Everyone is asleep but me.  Even my pampered poodle is asleep on the floor beside me.  My pillow is definitely calling me.

Kreativ Blogger Winners – And a bunch of honorable mentions

Wow…. Next time I promise to look at 126 blogs someone SMACK ME.

This was fun, though.

Can I say one thing?  Guys, please… if you are just blogging for the fun of it, disregard this comment.  However, if you are building a brand, you should really think about what your blog looks like, as well as the content.

Some of these blogs may be wonderful, but if it looks boring, there is less of a chance for someone to read it.

For the 30 or so of you with the same theme… the exact same row of books in your header… immediate disqualification.  BORING.  Would you want an agent to go to your blog and have it look just like the other ten blogs they looked at that day?  Think about it. That’s not the only theme I saw over and over, but it was the most abused used.

The first time I saw my theme replicated (The Koi theme) I cringed.  The next time I saw it, I dumped it… even though I loved it.  I didn’t want to go through that annoyance again, so I built my own theme.  Be creative.  Don’t be like everyone else.

So, with that in mind… Here is my list of “honorable mentions”

This is everyone who I at least stopped on and looked around for a little bit.  It could have been for any reason.  The color, the name of the blog, the originality.  There was something about the VISUAL of the first glance that made me stop.  You managed to grab my interest.  One of you even tempted me into downloading your novel.

If you are not on this list, consider taking a look at your blog… not necessarily the content, but the overall “look”.  (Note:  I may not have placed you on the honorable mention list if you recently won this award.)  —- I’ve seen this background too many times… but the turtle drew me in. –WORD SALAD.  Love the title–would win if I hadn’t seen this backdrop so many times (It’s pretty, though which is why so many people use it. – same as above.  This was my first blog backdrop.  LOVED IT…until I came across 12 more people using it. – I downloaded her novel tonight

Luckily for me, I won this award three times this week, so I get to choose 18 winners.

Here they are.  The most creative out of my 126 current followers (In no particular order).

Of the list above the best by far for brand-building is

The art really gives you a feel for who the author is.  You know, at a glance, whether you will love or HATE his work.  Nicely done.

Okay, Lucky 18!  Now it’s your turn.  Please pass this award on to 6 lucky bloggers, and let them know.  Also, post on your blogs a list of 10 useless but fun facts about you.


Kreativ Blogger Winners. Who to choose? Who to Choose?

I’ve been thinking about Kreativ Blogger winners. This has been hard, because I just nominated a bunch of people for Versatile blogger. I don’t want to be redundant and just nominate the same people. Sooooo…. This is what she’s gonna do:

I have 123 followers right now. If you want to be in the running, and you follow my blog BOOM! You’re in the running. No problem. Don’t worry, you’re not disqualified if I nominated you for Versatile Blogger.

Since this is called a “Kreativ Blog” award, I am going to look at everyone’s blog. It will just be a quick glance. It will take me about 30 seconds for me to decide whether or not it is “creative”. The marketing manager in me is drooling over the opportunity.

I’ll start hopping tonight, make a list of which are creative, and then start narrowing it down to the six most creative.

Good luck!